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2015-05-25 11:00:26 (UTC)

Monday getting back to normal

So today is a holiday, I will have to wait until in the morning
to reschedule to cootie exam. I will be taking the BFF for another
shot in her back. They are still letting her stay home this time
as they plan her surgery. It is finally happening.

Tomorrow, I will be out and about with my sign, my lockbox, and
camera taking shots of our next listing. God I hope it is not
a mess. I have not seen it yet. It will be great to have
another listing, but please make it a good one.

The letters I have sent recently have been numb with no response.
SHIT! I REALLY wanted to hear from those folks with the pods
in front of their house. I sent both of them letters. No one
has called. All I need is one of them to say, yes, we want to
sell. I got a buyer who is probably packed and ready to move in.

But if I can not find her a damn house, she will stay where she is

Then, there is the hair stylist. This was the first time she ever
really wanted to see something. I sent her the loan company infor
she needed. She may call back soon if things are going well.
But from now on, I need to make sure she sees anything in that
price range in our town. She wants to be here cause she has
kids in school. Fine. But the other lady will be living alone
and she demands to be close to downtown Belmont, which is
almost impossible right now. Inventory is low....

and no one is responding to my letters....and trust me,
my letters are good, I have a way with words......

I guess realtors are getting the reputation to lawyers who are
referred to ambulance chasers.....LOL It has come to that.

What the hell ever...

Anyway it will feel good to finally be out there with the
boss listing another house.

Glad he waited to the race traffic is gone.....I would not
agree to go to that area during the race. Fuck that.

But tomorrow....I will be there.

Gonna cut grass today and go wash my car....
and finish getting my folder of many contracts and
things to sign.....for tomorrow.