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2015-05-24 16:04:41 (UTC)

Sunday confessions

Yesterday was somewhat of a blur to me this morning. I remember
riding to the Mexican place and going in to order a burrito and
a cold beer. Only one. Then I stopped at the store bringing
home a six pack. Got here about 10 minutes before he left for work.

Ran into my son while out too. He was riding with his friend,
the race driver and they swerved as though to try to scare me.
I thought it was funny. My son is so tall it was clear to see
him. He called me moments later to make sure I knew they were
just kidding. We had a big laugh about it and I went on home.

I had taken a shower yesterday morning and applied the Sun Tan.
I really like that product. I ordered two packs of it this
time. And this time, I put it on my face. All day yesterday
even while I was out and about, I had not even noticed if it
was even working, but it is clear this morning that it works
fine. My hair still looks good.. All I had to do was rinse
my face off and dap dry. I have on no make up. I look
tanned enough to not even wear any and my legs are tanned too.

So, sitting up here in bed watching the shows that I recorded
last night and fell asleep too early to watch. Then I remember
the binge eating. I ate an entire bag of trail mix. Lord
have mercy. Opened a can of beanie weenies and added a can
of Vienna sausages cut up. At least they were small cans.
After finishing off my last beer, I searched the freezer for
the only two frozen margaritas and had them too.

My mess was all cleaned up this morning, so I must be like
a robot. I do what I am supposed to do. And finally
having a cold beer, going out to eat alone, then home to
drink, eat and be alone here is my world...
my life. I was bothering no one. But maybe just myself.
I am sure I should have planned it out better and maybe
had a vegetable tray to snack on so I would not go
into the kitchen. Pounds I should be trying to get off,
not build on.

I am getting used to my hair. Today, I will be putting on the
tan towel again. I will be going to Utra as soon as I can
have an afternoon where I feel ok driving. I need to get
a darker color of foundation. I love that Bare Minerals.
It is perfect.....I do not wear much.

Kinda wish my friends would take notes and do as I do. Some
of them wear absolutely too much makeup. I do not wear
lipstick, eye liner, or eyebrow pencils, lip liner, blush,
I just don't. Not this time of year when you can get suntanned
while cutting grass....

All I am doing extra now is exercising my arms and trying
to lose some weight.

Other than that.

I feel fine now about the way I look.

If others do not like a few pounds, then do not look.

I do not mind going places alone either. Alone or not,
I am always treated extra special, attentive. Probably
cause I tip well.


I know I know you were thinking something else......

not today.
not today.