My Letter To The World
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2015-05-23 07:14:51 (UTC)

Words Freaking Fail.

Do you ever just feel like nobody understands what your trying to get across to them?
That no matter how you articulate the words or how many different ways or how many different words you use you'll never be able to describe how your feeling?
Like even if you found the right words...they'd still fall flat and you might as well have been mumbling gibberish.
Yeah... Sometimes words fail.
And thats scary to me cause words mean the world to me.
That coming from
A Writter.
A Reader.
A Poet.
A Singer of songs.
A Rememberer of quotes and Phrases.
A Expert Arguer.
A Twister of Words like its a game.
A Wordsmith wanna be.

Today Words failed me... i felt passionate about something and worried about it to.
and in 3 seperate conversations about it...w
My words were not accepted and understood.
No one seemed to understant why i felt the way i did or see the extra hidden depth to the situatation that the world refuses to see.

There's always a bigger picture people...lets try not to forget that.

on a side note i'm Sad, sick, Tired and so wishing i could stop coughing! Uhh its 2:15am
Gah...so tired so done...