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2015-05-22 09:37:12 (UTC)

Changes coming

My mountain friend has let me know that she is coming back down
here to live. She will be living close by me. Not that we are going
to run out and buy some bicycles or anything. I noticed the last
time I saw her that her and I are about the same damn size. We look
like sisters accept she still has the hair I once had.

I am still having some problems with it. I do not really want
to get it cut any shorter, but something needs to be done.

My long lost cousin friend, who I adore has been trying for years
now to get me to go to her hair stylist. She told me the other day
while we were touring a house that her hairstylist has thick hair
like mine. I may just go meet with that one at least to discuss it.

She told me some disturbing news about a couple of her so called
friends who treated her poorly after the death of her dad. Remember?
I went to the memorial service. I did not see any of her friends
there. She was hurt about that. Apparently they had all planned
a beach trip and she had made the reservations. It was one
of those places where they ask who will be staying there. She
had not given the last two folks names since they had told her
they could not afford this trip and were not going. When her dad
passed away, the rest of them went to the beach instead of
cancelling to be here for her. Now, for some reason, she has
not really heard from them since. No sorry bout your dad or
anything. Damn.

I wanted to kick someone's ass for treating her like that.

But then, the part of me that is more reasonable decided to
hold off on it since there has to be a reason, a misunderstanding,
or something else to this that I do not know yet. None of
my business really. But my other BFF and this one will most
likely start spending more time together.

If any of the others want to be ugly while I am around, it will
be on. Cause I will stomp both of these bitches into the ground
so deep, they will be trying to crawl out next year......fuck them
both. Not important to me anyway. Never have been.


God I hate that place. Like the damn traffic is not bad
enough? Now it will be nightmare. Someone is getting shot
and killed there every day and night. I hate hearing the news
anymore. Try to drive around all times.

Now I am dreaming of how good my new washer and dryer would
look in that condo I saw this morning on MLS? OMG!

Having my old friend here and learning more about my new lost
cousin....and helping my BFF recover too and learning more about
a new possible hairstylist; sounds like the next year will
be full for me. Learning more about old and new friends....

and all girl beach trips