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2015-05-22 09:04:30 (UTC)

Time is flying by these days

Yesterday is just a blur. I guess having already went through
this on Monday caused this appointment to kick my ass. I do not
recall the ride home and I slept a lot yesterday. Could not stay
awake last night either. But I am up early this Friday morning...
checking my messages to see how my BFF faired at her appointment

She said they want to give her one more shot, and she has a
appointment to discuss her upcoming surgery later in June.
So, I will be rescheduling my yearly exam so I can take her
to get that shot. Fourth one this year. I am praying she
finally gets straightened out this year. Hate for her to
be so down as she has a very busy life. Hard to keep her
down resting too.

So, today I should hear back from at least one of the owners I
sent letters too this week. GOD I HOPE ONE of them wants to
sell their house. I must find my friend a house and she wants
in that neighborhood. We already looked at the house next door
and it needed too much work. If I can get these folks to sell
and she likes it and makes an offer, then I can list her
current house too. Holy shit.

The boss is coming back to life too. He has me working on
a couple up coming listings. I should be working on all
that this weekend to be ready for next week.

So, my driving back and forth to the speedway area will resume
soon. I miss it too. Love that area.

Found the most perfect condo with a garage and a master down
stairs, END UNIT with lots of windows, a loft and two beds up
too. Oh my lord, my perfect another lifetime
and in the perfect area for me.

Whatever, I sent it to the boss just in case he knew someone
who would be interested in it. It won't last long.

I am still enjoying the heck out the new washer and dryer.
It works perfect and everytime I walk up the hall, I have
to glance into the laundry room and my heart flutters a little....

LOL * only a woman would get that......