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2015-05-21 00:46:33 (UTC)

What a day...

I am looking forward to going to the dentist tomorrow. How cool is
it that I will get to take three valiums at one time. LOL By the time
I get there, I will be ready for the numbing shots....and since I have
less teeth on this side, it should not take long. But I intend to
ride it out and enjoy my 600 buck dentist appointment.

After today, I need a break.

The girl liked that house.
My friend was not all that thrilled about the one we saw today, but
she did want to stay long enough to think it through and imagine
the updates. Not sure who paints shutters lime green, probably the
same person who paints the mail box post lime green to match.
The same damn person that builds a wall to close in a garage and
builds a carport. Who does that? Why would you need a garage
with no way to get a car in it? We could not figure it out.

On our way out of the neighborhood, we found two homes on a street
she likes better who had pods parked in driveway, so I jotted
the address to look up and investigate.

When I got home, my son who was born in 1980, do the math...
was waiting on me to show him how to use the washer and dryer.


Then I sent loan officer information to the girl interested in
that house along with some more information about that house.
I have learned there was a small fire in the kitchen and she
needed to know that. It was repaired and inspected afterwards
which explains the some updates....not sure what she will do.
But it was fun to see her today with her green hair. She is
so adorable.

I prepared letters to the home owners with the pods....
asking if they are remodeling or getting ready to sell?

I have got to find her a house soon!

They should get the letters on Friday, which will give me
a day to recover...and rest. After that....

I am good to go....

My BFF finds out tomorrow about her MRI.
God please let it be something easy to fix.
Not bone cancer or a tumor or something dreadful.
I can not take any of that kind of stuff right now...

somebody would just have to come get me and take me
somewhere else for a while....

if any of you live on an Island.....


day dreaming in survival mode tonight.......