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2015-05-20 12:34:07 (UTC)

Busy Wednesday

Tried to show a house yesterday afternoon. Unfortunately, this is
what happens when owner of homes list property with agents from
another county; it is like a long distance relationship.

When she listed the house, she relied on the owner to put the key
in the lockbox. I would have done it myself after checking to make
sure it opened the door and securing it inside the lockbox myself.
This way, I am responsible for it being done correctly.

What could go wrong? The key did not open the door.

Not only that, the listing agents number on my information
sheet only went to a disconnected number so I had to call
the big box company. Someone must have been on duty to answer
calls from where ever they were, this woman gave me another
number to call the listing agent. It was a wrong number too.

? ? ?

Love it when things go right. This was not one of those times.
Had to send a message to agent through email system. She finally
learned what had happened and fixed it.

I go again today to try again.

Showing two different woman properties today.....
at two different times....

one is my long lost cousin BFF.....
and the other one used to do my hair.

Hope this goes well....

then, tonight, I start drugging myself out in
prep for being really drugged out in the morning
to go to dentist one more time.....
and pay another 600 bucks to be tortured....
at least I won't give a shit.