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2015-05-20 09:10:07 (UTC)

Bruce Jenner Vs Abbey Lee Miller

Bruce is about the same age as my old man. I can not imagine what
he is going through at this age going through such a major change
in his life.

Watching Dance Moms tonight, I could not stop thinking about Bruce.
I think it was watching Abbey Lee Miller show up in a stage practice
session in hair rollers. I bet Bruce would never do that.

Matter a fact, since all this talk started about his upcoming change,
I just can not see it. I do not think Bruce will make a pretty
woman; however for sure he will look better than Abbey Lee Miller.
Thank God for fat ugly women in the world to help the rest of us
to one stay motivated to be the best we can be and two, remind us
of what we could become; not to mention her total bitterness and
rude behavior.

Bruce will have a great lady personality. I look forward to learning
what he will call herself, and the final outcome. He still might
be a handsome woman....but he will still be much better as a woman
than many of the women around him/her; and certainly better
than Abbey Lee Miller.

I find Abbey Lee Miller a horrible person. The way she stomps on
the self esteem of these adorable helpless little girls and gets
away with it is beyond my comprehension.

Bruce Jenner will teach fat bitter old ladies like Abbey Lee
to be graceful, compassionate, and lady like in all situations.
Bruce will be someone who will not only surprise us as to his
comfort in her skin, but the honesty and calmness that will
surround her.

Get your notepad out Abbey Lee Miller,
You are fixing to be schooled on how to be a real woman.