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2015-05-19 15:24:47 (UTC)

Update after dentist

Not sure what the fuss was all about. I think somewhere along the
way, a patient must have over reacted to all the damn numbing shots...

it went smoothly and taking the medication was not as bad as I had
expected. Get to do it all again on Thursday....

I can go for a while where my phone never rings....then it starts.
Today I got two messages from two different buyers who are interested
in seeing property. WOW! I am positive about the process and wait
for their time to schedule the showings.

Then, the boss calls with two possible listings.....
and he wanted me to be ready in case I needed to run on
over to the speedway area. I suspect lots of traffic...
and I will have to go wash my car.....

My artist friend texted me that she will be moving in with
our friend up the road. Not sure what happened with her
living in the tent plan. Guess she is not as much of a pioneer
as she thought. Happy she will be close by.

My other BFF is having some more test run today. She gets
results of MRI on Thursday. I am concerned.

He took Thursday off to take me back to the dentist.

Any way, I have closings in my future....I need too stock up
on cash....cause when the BFF has her surgery and is ok to travel,
we plan on a beach trip. May last a few weeks.

I am now looking forward to the summer........

Still dealing with the haircut....and one of my old stylist
will be the buyer I am showing property too.

Oh dear.....