Maelstrom143, By Sun or Candlelight
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2015-05-18 08:11:02 (UTC)

I Remember

I remember in between dreams and waking thoughts
in shadows flitting within the periphery of vision and imagination
the scent upon the wind of desire and sorrow
of warm nights upon the sand and hot summer days in the shade
innocence freely given for knowledge hard earned
and kisses teaching life and love and heartbreak

I remember in between sun and candlelight
in between a heartbeat and a breath
the shadows upon your cheek and your smile upon your lips
and your careless joy at living free, taking life
and letting it drip its luscious juices
in between your fingertips

I remember in moments devoid of thought or frantic haste,
the feel of your touch and the scent of the sun upon your skin
and lessons taught that one never unlearns
brought to life with such grace and poise...
And I remember...