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2015-05-16 14:49:04 (UTC)

Saturday morning...

I stayed up to a whooping 10:00 pm last night. Man, I am getting
a lot of rest these days. Must be why I rise and shine so early.
But I like it that way.

I love getting up while everyone around here is still asleep, it is
quiet in this neighborhood and I can drink my coffee and plan out
my day. Hoping that my day does not require laying around in bed
all day. Trying to get my ass up in gear, showered, dressed and
ready to take on the day.....

so, I had to go to the grocery store to pick up some items for him.
Since I need that stuff here before he leaves for work, I went ahead
and got what he needed and stuff for dinner tomorrow....

now, I need to go to pick up more medication for next week....

2 more days......

I will be happy when next week is over....

I probably will not be feeling too normal until Saturday.....

but then, the next week is free.....nothing scheduled yet.

In two more weeks, he will be here all the time for a while...
hoping to see something get started here....

and time will tell......cause I am not use to seeing results...
mostly just talk.....and more excuses.

But I am ready to wait and see what takes place.

He seems to be feeling like his old self these days...
but still walking with a limp. Not too bad, but that
part is not normal and he will have to learn to adjust...

seems to be adjusting well.

Feels good too to see it.

Talked to my BFF last night...her stress level has almost made
her a bit manic. She will say something starting a subject..and
then, she will get distracted and start going on and on about
something else....this goes on for a while. Last night, I started
calling her on it a little trying to get her to stay focused...
and realize that her being home now should help her adjust to
worrying about herself and not so much right now about other
people. I got her back.

Hoping she feels better today.
It is not easy to watch.