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2015-05-15 20:24:34 (UTC)

A-Z Challenge (B)


(Promt letter: B)

Blessed: Brought happiness,fourtune,pleasure or contentment.

I think its a good ritual to count ones blessings.
and no matter who you are or what your life situation looks like you are blessed just to be alive because life is a gift.
But then you have hundreds of other blessings that you probably never even think about i know i do...And in a minute i'm going to list some those things.
But i think realizing how blessed you are takes being thankful for everything you have and even things you experience the good and the bad.
with out struggle we wouldn't find our strength...also i totally believe in taking the things we go through and being able to help other people from those things.

Here are some quotes about being blessed that i like and agree with.

"I've seen better days but i've also seen worse
i don't have everything i want but i do have
everything i need.
I woke up with some aches and pains but i woke up!
My life may not be perfect but i'm Blessed."

"Stop focasing on how stressed you are
and remember how blessed you are."

"Blessed is the influence of true loving human soul on another."

"I have to many flaws to be perfect but i have to many blessing to be ungrestful."

Okay right now i'm going to take some time to count my own blessings these aren't in any particular order other than how they Popped into my head.

1.Gods grace.(I'm not worthy but he loves me anyway.)
2. My Family.(i've seen the alternative)
3. Good Friends.
4. Health.
5. Home.
6. Food and and clothes.
7. Education and the oppurtunty to always seek more.
8. Faith.
9. Internet(like having the world at your finger tips.)
10. My dog.
11. Love.
12. Being able to Travel.
13. My amazing Camera(Photographer freak)
14. Music=Life.
15. Being able to write.
16. Phone and phone Charger...(omg...)
17. Pen pals that became like family (Zoe, Jay)
18. Mechanical pencils(for reals guys)
19. Blank notebooks.
20. 90s Tv shows.
21. Memories good or bad.
22. Adoption.
23. Chocolate.
24. Ice cream.
25. Raymon noodles.
26. Poetry= Life.
27. Funny youtubers.
28. Falls Creek.
29. BOOKS!!!
30. Flowers.
31. Two hour three way phone calls.
32. Facebook, Instagram, Skype.
33. Cooking.
34. Shooting a gun.
35. Driving.(yesssss)
36. Tea.
37. Color.
38. Kids
39. Innocents.
40. Boats, Planes, Trains, and Automobiles.
41. Trampolines.
42. Doctors, Police,Fire fighters, Preachers.
43. The sun, moon and stars. #beautiful.
44. Laughing.
45. Privite jokes.
46. Scary movies.
47. Singing even if one sucks at it.
48. Indoor plumbing....
49. Nature,Beauty.
50. Prayer.

Okay thosr things listed are blessings and i could cintinue but i'll leave it at 50.
Send in feedback what are the top 3 blessings in your life?