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2015-05-15 14:43:18 (UTC)

Hollywood Hillbillies and dishwashers

When I got up this morning, I noticed the dishwasher cancel light
flashing. I had already taken the dishes out and put them away.

Just to see if it would even start a cycle, I tried to get the
rinse cycle to start. Nothing. Oh dear. What the hell? We
just bought a lawn mower and washer and dryer, even a new coffee the dishwasher is going crazy on me? What ever. I
looked for the manual. Checked the trouble shooting page...
and sure enough, there it said in black and white. If that
cancel light is flashing, call for service. Hmmmm? Sounded
like a scam to me. I searched a little farther in that manual
and found a section for servicemen only. I studied that information
while drinking my coffee. And there it was clear and easy.
Push HEATDRY Normal Wash HEATDRY Normal Wash in six second
intervals. So I did this...and all the lights lite up...
I was instructed to heat Start. I did and it resumed the last
cycle all the way to the end. It is not broken, working fine.

Only thing is, I am sure all those things I put away were not
rinsed well. I will deal that later.

There is a show on Reelz channel called Hollywood Hillbillies.
OH MY GOD!. If you need reason to start exercising, eating
better, giving up the ice cream and dounuts, just watch
this will inspire you.

A character on there called mee maw. OH NO, that is what
my granddaughters call me. Not anymore.

I will fix that too.

No more Debby Cakes for me!