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2015-05-14 20:28:30 (UTC)

A-Z Challenge (A)

So I've attempted to do this before and totally over thought it and didn't accomplish the challenge of doing This A to Z Game...
SO here I go I'm trying again and I'm going to try to make the topics I choose meaningful to me while also not overthinking it...because it's meant to be fun.

a writing or blogging challenge a lot of people do for fun at least once a year or so to talk about subjects of their own choosing that are going on in their lives at that time and you do it every year to go back and see how Things are different from one year to the next.

You go through the alphabet starting with a and choose a word or subject starting with the corresponding letter and you write about it.
it can be long or short real or fictional, Important or unimportant it can be what ever you want it to be and you write one entry a day for 26 days one day for every letter of the alphabet.

So that's not hard... I probably won't write everyday as I suck at that but I also won't have huge spaces between the challenge entry's and this year I will finish! lets go!

#1 (letter A)


Accomplishment: Something that has been achieved successfully.

Accomplishment is something that follows a person from their birth till their death...you start right from the beginning having certain tasks that you are meant to accomplish by a certain time weather that be developmental stages as a infant or Intellectual accomplishments as you enter school and they get bigger and bigger the higher the level of education you go.
And then you start to climb a latter of Work and money accomplishments and that's not to mention the social accomplishments that are expected of people now a days.
Some accomplishments are superficial and really won't help you get anywhere while other are very beneficial and will carry you thorough your life time.
Like gaining higher education.

Here are a list of things that I have Accomplished:

*High School education class of 2012.
*Traveling to other counties and becoming a more cultured person.
*Teaching a youth Class.
*Telling other people about Christ.
*Gaining some good friends in my life.
*Volunteering and helping people.
*Reading a lot.
*Learning how to drive and getting a drivers license.
Just a few things.

Here are a list of things I wish to accomplish:
*Higher Education in some form.
*Good Job.
*My own place.
*Traveling more.
*Being healthier.
*Changing peoples lives.
*Finding a good relationship.
*Meeting Pen pals in person.
*Get my conceal and Carry.
just a few things.

There are more things to list or both the Accomplished and the not yet Accomplished and I thing there always will be...no matter what you do or have done there will always be more to do and be done.
You never get to old to grow and be a better person and that's what Accomplishment should be about instead of money and getting ahead of other people and being better than someone.
the only person I need to be better than is the person I was yesterday.