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2015-05-14 19:31:26 (UTC)

Microwave Mishaps! FIRE!

So...the ancient microwave at the church has bit the dust... ahhh
I put in a bag of popcorn and set it for the correct time... and left it and I came back and it had about 20 seconds left on the timer but it wasn't popping any more so I open the door early and smoke pours out of it like crazy and saturates the room the popcorn was black and the bag had caught on fire from the outside and I pat the fire out and carry the smoking bag outside and open door and such to air out the room while almost dieing from smoke inhalation!
coughing and crying(not because I was upset but because smoke makes your eyes water.
OMG are you freaking kidding me?
a fire and a huge room filled with smoke and me running around like a crazy person.
Ha...great just freaking Great.
That will be my second microwave fire of my life the last one being 10 years ago when I kid me put tin foil in a microwave...(I DIDN'T KNOW OKAY?!?!? NOBODY TOLD ME THESE THINGS)
believe it or not I'm proficient with a microwave and a stove and I'm a good cook....really.
okay then.