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2015-05-14 15:12:46 (UTC)

Thursday update

I spent all afternoon and most of evening washing clothes. I thought
he said he got an LD washer and dryer, did not even notice until
this morning that it is actually a GE. Works great. I am still
getting used to the different cycles and features. Did get to use
the delicate cycle on some things that needed to be hung up...they
turned out great. Some of the cycles are longer than I had expected,
but I am getting caught up.

Today will be spent on the mower cutting grass....

Good news last night from the BFF. Her doctor has finally
let her take her medical leave. She is finally getting to stay
home and rest, not more physical therapy for her. She will be
preparing for surgery now. And her weeks to recover from that.

It has been very hard to see her suffer like this. I am looking
forward to getting her back to normal, if that is possible
at this point.

I paid to have my mountain BFF's car repaired too yesterday.
Now she has a way to get to those jobs she has up there....
and it felt good to do it. She did not want to move down
here. Can not blame her. I like the area she is in and would
not mind trying to live there for a while just to see of the
area would make me happy. She loves it.

Okay that is about it for now....