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2015-05-12 22:32:18 (UTC)

Ghosts of the past

Walked around this building with headphones in and a song about starting over playing on loop.
And there wasn't a room or a surface or a place here that didn't make me think of the 2,3, 4,5 of us that used to be friendships washed up and drifted away at sea.
Every room holds a bitter sweet memory and I'm worried and I still care.
one is married and pregnant.
one is Gone might as well be 1000 miles away.
one is so close but won't come home messing up their lives at every turn.
It's funny when we were kids and we'd talk about the future and we actually predicted what happened? good and bad...but we were sure we were wrong. It's a worn out song...
These entry's are so normal and I bet anyone who reads my stuff gets super sick of the depressing lost friendships subject.
But my dreams and visions have been coming true and I feel like I need to talk to you I need to warn you cause I don't think I could handle it if you died.

I just want to see you and I feel more and more freaked out the longer I go with out which...isn't normal because I've gotten used to going months or even years with out seeing you.
I'm scared.

I can't look at this building with out seeing what once was.
but I also can't look at this building without seeing what it could be.
for all of us...if we just believe.

Hold on to the people you love you never know what path life will take you or them...just enjoy the time you have.