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2015-05-12 20:22:20 (UTC)

Plumbers and old grease

He was in process of moving old washer and dryer out onto the
patio so we could clean the floor...and get laundry room ready
for the new washer and dryer tomorrow when we had to call the
plumber to come replace the water supply and cut off
valves for the washer.

Plumber and his assistant were here within 20 minutes as
promised and started working on the project.

While they were here, I walked out to the mail box to retrieve
the mail. Walking by that rusty old van with the letters of
his company old and peeling on his truck...and his assistance
truck was old, rusty and both vehicles were filled with stuff.
guess they drive two cause there is no room in seats for two
people to ride. Does not look like much....nothing shiny and
new....but they are reliable, clean up before they leave...and
do not charge an outrageous fee. I like calling these old
businesses....rather than some high end company with operators
who take your name, number, email, blood type etc so you can
be bothered endless by them to complete surveys.....instead,
one call, and they are here quickly, fixing the problem and
now they are gone......

leaving me with the floor to clean up which was not as bad
as I had expected. Now the laundry room is ready.

The pantry in the kitchen that had the oil spill the other
week.....I had cleaned up most of it, but did not want
to pull out the cooler....but he did that today for me.
The smell was almost knock u out power. It took a while
to get the pantry cleaned up...and the smell gone....
a lot less time than the laundry room.....

but now...all is done.....ready for a new day.

My friend does not want to see the house I spoke about...
she said she would prefer an all brick we
are passing on this one. But I am sure he will receive
my letter today.....although he said he has a realtor....
I am not sure what to expect....nothing probably.

Got too much going on here to worry...I am already wore
slap out.

Oh yeah, my mountain friend has her car in the shop...
he is going to call me when it is repaired and I
am going to pay it for her....she has a place to camp
this summer on a farm up there where she will have
shelter and bathroom, shower and kitchen privileges....
so she is fine...just needs that car running so she
can get to the jobs she has.....

Not worrying about that anymore......

so things are slowly but surely falling into place...

one thing at a time