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2015-05-12 11:15:48 (UTC)

Dose of Reality

My friend posted on FB that her and her dog were going to be
camping this summer and gave location of the place she will
be erecting her tent. I know she insist on living up there
in that area instead of down here with one of her old friends.

We have been exhausted of being able to pay her back rent,
her car insurance, or keeping her car on the road; but I am
sure she has a place to go live. She has two grown children
and many friends. No need to be camping in the woods just
to be up there near your heart throbs. I do not think she
will be getting the rescue that she seeks. Instead, she will
get a dose of reality. You are the choices you make.

I was all ready to pay to get her car fixed. Will still do that...
she said she could drive it...and at least if she insist on
staying in the woods...having that car could provide shelter
and locked the event she feels a need. She is a mess.

Yes, we are the choices we make.....the roads we choose to go
down, the folks along the way that we allow into our paths is
a choice we make, making the wrong choice can lead us to
gloom and doom. I will be hoping my pioneer mountain woman
will come to her senses soon. Hoping a dose of reality
will shake her loose from the ridiculousness.

For me my reality is realizing that I am slowly killing myself
as life goes right by me......I will be or I am have already
done it cut down on smoking. I was going to wear a patch today...
but I am so excited about a couple of things and worried about
another that I do not want to stop that way right now. Those
patches have chemicals on them I do not want in my body
right now.....but I am trying.

I am trying

I called the for sale by owner. Sounded like he was going to
let his neighbor let us in the house if he was not available.
His neighbor? LOL Hell no. I know who that is and I really
do not want to deal with him right now. I might give him
a dose of reality too. LJ will never be a part of my
life again. Not as a friend. Not as a lover. Nothing.
Keep walking dude, you messed up here long time ago.

I know I can not get the listing for the house, the owner
has already got a realtor for that, but I can bring him a
buyer....and if my friend wants it, then I can list her house...
now. This would help my business for this month.

I still got the PA buyers who will be down in a couple weeks.
Coca-Cola 600 weekend....A perfect time to look. I have
been sending them possible home to see while here if these
homes are still available....listings do not last long around
here these days.

Well, he went ahead and got the front load washer and steam dryer
and the pedestals for each. He said we will move them into the
garage after his job ends and he is home to paint laundry room
and install new floor. He was going to buy a cheaper washer
and dryer for now and upgrade them afterwards, but my son
talked him into just going ahead and getting what we want so
we do not end up with a washer and dryer we do not need....
when we do upgrade. So, the only thing. He got it in
white. Which is okay with me. It will brighten the room...
being in white.

They will be delivered tomorrow. I am excited.

Who wouldn't be?

Then, I start thinking bout my buddy camping in the woods....
damn her.

I will be texting her that I will fix her car for her asap.

Until I have some closings, I can not help too much more
than that. This whole thing will force me into reaching out
to some her other friends; some of which I am not all that
crazy about anymore....although at one time, they all hung
the moon. You know? People who end up showing true colors
at some point bringing you disappointment? The ladies who
seem to like you until their insecure selves show up
about the time their noses go up....and you have to detach
for fear of killing someone? You know the ones...

we have them in all of our lives

fake friends ( something I am not )

Write that down.

Anyway, that is about enough of life lessons for today.