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2015-05-11 06:32:59 (UTC)

3 Reasons i need to get over you.

1.(We Run in different circles.)
we see each other every once in a while and talk less than that.
you have different, Friends, different church, different job, different life plan.
And while our paths may have collided once and probably will again doesn't mean that something between two very different people would work.

2.(Age difference)
Seven years can either be no big deal or a deal breaker... i think you'd probably just see me as a kid when i'm not...but you are 7 years older and you've been through things i haven't and have held more responsibility.
Life takes people places years can seem to streach more than they should.

You consume to much of my mind, my thoughts and its not healthy.
We barely have a friendship for me to have these type of feelings for you and it scares me. I think about you and the likelyness of a relationship and i just end up sad and my heart hurts and i don't want to live there in that mind set.

I Love the idea of you...
and care about you alot.
i wish you well.
I just don't want to think about it anymore.
I want to be Happy not hung up on someone i can never have for so many more reasons than just the three listed here.
I have to learn to think of you a different way.
God help me do so.


Dear reader....this was ramdom and written at an emotional time.
forgive me that and i'm sure you understand...i'm sure you've been there too.