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2015-05-09 22:15:24 (UTC)

Saturday Update

I had planned on going to the whitewater center tonight to hear
David Childers perform. But the BFF does not feel up to it. I
called the guy friend and he said he would go and I told him I would
see him there, but hey, I was thinking I was going in with the BFF,
not alone. So, I called him. He did not answer. I was going to suggest that I pick him up and he ride with me. I am not even going
to get ready if he does not call me. Now, if he is there and he
calls...I will throw myself together and go on down there. But if
not, I probably will not go.

Had to leave early this morning to show houses this afternoon.
When I returned home, he was here too, so he did not have to
work today. I asked him if he wanted to go. You should have
heard him. He just don't feel like sitting around with a bunch

of Yuppies. LOL Yeah, he said that. I had to bust out laughing...

But I did not want him to go anyhow.


He is going to pick me up and new washer and dryer tomorrow.
I told him the washer was broken and I was not going to the
laundry. Hell, I will go buy new underwear, socks, pants,
tops....etc...towels. I do not have to wash clothes....
( thinking like a yuppie huh? )

He said he would go get me new ones tomorrow.

The daughter paid her dues and all that turned out fine.
I had two whole days where I could not log into
two days that I did no business. Felt good.

Oh yeah...

I look like someone spray painted me orangish brown.

Self tanner


You should see me......not the effect I was going for.....