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2015-05-05 20:21:02 (UTC)

Dear Me

I've decided to write a letter to a ten year old and 30 year old me.
I'm 20 so... I think writing one to the past and one two the future at this age is a cool idea and well... yeah. anyways on to the letter first the letter to the 10 yeah old me.

Dear me,
You are 10 years old and it's been the toughest year of your life so far anyway, the good news is that you'll have better days and better times, the bad news is you will also have worse days and harder times.
So you've been really sick, you've gained and lost weight you've been on so many antibiotics with the steroids and you've lost your hair and you just want to be able to do what the other kids are able to do, be outside more, run faster and be able breathe properly.
I will say that when your 12 you do start getting better and after your 12 year you haven't been in the hospital since... so hang in there heathier days are ahead of you.
You are also dealing with friends who love you one minute and hate you the next...unfortunately that is a part of being a preteen other kids act stupid and test your wonderful Loyalty by treating you badly and taking advantage of the fact that you will do what ever you have to to make everything okay again...including apologizing for things you didn't do and swallowing your pride when you didn't do anything wrong.
It's not a positive expierene then or now but it's something you'll come to be proud of, your Loyalty even when other leave you.

Work harder at being healthy.
Work harder at coming out of your shell.
Work harder as School.
Work harder at your relationship with Tara.
Be thankful for all the little things Jokes you have with your siblings
having a semi good relationship with them unfortunately it doesn't last much longer.
Have fun, be a kid, quit trying to freakin grow up to fast...time will fly and you will want what you have now back.

You will have good friends that you share unbelievable experiences with they change your life and you thank God for them all the time.
you'll be discouraged and outrageously frustrated about you friendships, and relationships and it will take a lot longer than you think but the best people do come along I promise.

You Travel! you go on mission trips to other countries and you see things that both amaze you and scare you.
You have dreams... :) and you still don't have a freakin thing figured out 10 years from now but that's okay.

You learn to like your self but you have random bouts of self hate that your trying to deal with.
you have worries and aren't naieve anymore and you wish you were so please please please try to hold on to that. it's not a bad thing.

You have penpals in the UK and in Australia that you love so much and they make your life so much better.
You have hope and God on your side...
so just...enjoy life let the little things go and enjoy the ride.

You know whats best for you...after all I am you and you are me.
we'll be okay and a lot of the questions you have...well lets just say you do get the answers to them..ha.. you get your own Meet the Robinsons moment.
-Love you.