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2015-05-05 12:47:48 (UTC)

Positive outlook....

Now that I have had a good nights sleep and had time to think
about all that happened yesterday, I have a plan just in case
things go south.

Not sure if I can still do it the way I wanted too, but I did
check the commissions information to learn that I did take that
broker in charge class three years ago and that date is later
this month. So, I have time to declare myself broker in charge.
I could start out on my own if I wanted too or needed too.
If the boss and my daughter can not handle things like I need
them too, then he will let her go. I may be able to let her
be an active broker and act as my assistant. Not sure how
she would feel about it or how much I would have to do or pay
to make all this happen, but it is something I was thinking
about doing when I took the class. I have time.

Plus having my mountain friend close by may be helpful for
me too. I could get her to ride with me to visit my sister.
She would get it. She knows about all that stuff about me
and my life. She would love to meet my real life sister...
as she feels like she and I are soul sisters. Always
have been since day one of meeting her. That was over
35 yrs ago....closer to 40 years really.

I can also ask her if she wants to go see David Childers perform
at the National Whitewater Center this weekend. She can take
her dog! She would love it. We went to see Tom Petty a couple
years hair was short then too reminding me of how
fast it has grew since then....and been cut again. Feeling
hopeful about that.

My dental appointment yesterday was wonderful. I can not stop
thinking about how informed they were and how interested and
understood the ear thing. He told me that this deep cleaning
and maybe adding some bone tissue if needed could be the
thing to clear it up. If not, I should go see a ear specialist
and if they cannot find anything causing it, I should go
see a neurologist. Wow...he has laid out a plan to figure out...
what is going on no matter what. I feel comfortable about all
this. I am also hopeful that this procedure may be what is
causing it and after removing all that horrible crap and
bacteria out of my mouth, just maybe things will get back
to normal. Could be why I feel so tired and wore out
all the time too.

I feel better now about cutting down on the smoking or cutting
it out completely. I feel better about the possibility of
actually feeling better. How's that for a positive outlook?.

I know I can handle the business plan I have in mind. Just not
sure if I will have the funds to make it happen. I do need
some more closings to start banking funds again.

I wish I had some vacant rental property so I could let my
friend live in there. She is homeless. I am not sure how
this will work out, but we, her friends will help her figure
it out. She will not be homeless for long.

Still positive it will all work out.