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2015-05-04 22:19:04 (UTC)

Monday update...

A lot of things have taken place today, lots to catch you up on.

My dental appointment went well. I have two appointments set up
to have the deep cleaning done in a couple weeks. Gonna cost
a arm and a leg. I had to pay them 400 today, and 600 at each
of the next visits. They will file insurance so I can be
reimbursed. After deductible, probably won't get much....
time will tell on that.

My buyer called today....filling me in on her house...and to ask
some questions about one she rode by this weekend. I talked to
her while in Ulta. I was picking up some bare minerals...and
a tan towel thing. I hate talking to people in stores on the phone
but I walked all over that place talking to her until...she had
to return to work from her break. Wanted to check on some listings
when I got home...

also while out and a text from my buddy who lives up
toward the mountains. She was informing me that she has no where
to live as she got kicked out of her rental. No money for rent.
So, one of my other friends had went to pick her up and bring her
near here to stay for a while until she figures out her next step.

I have no room for her here. I told her I would touch base later...
but knowing who she is with, I know she is in good hands and I
should just leave her alone for now. She broke up with the man
she was seeing and she will be talking non stop about that...
for a while. I just do not have time to hear it. Now, if she
wanted to discuss where she could get a job, get a resume,
or try to get a roommate....I would have time. But now,
she will be sad for a while. We all been through this before.

I finally got home in time to fill him in on the dental thing
and cost before he went to settled in and tried to
log into MLS and was unable to get in. Said our office was
locked out. I know what that means. When I gave her the money
to pay her MLS fees, she did not pay it. So, we are now locked
out. I had called the boss before realizing this. He already
knew it. Said he was going to have to let her go. OOPS.

I do not blame him. Her and I talked recently. She may have
called me knowing she had this to pay. I mean her husband
works...she has a job. Why not just pay it yourself? I think
it is time for her to just keep her license active and work
on referrals. Be cheaper for her....and if she can not
do that, then maybe it is time to get out all together.

I have sent out several letters and made calls to people
who may allow me to list their homes. I can not do that if I
am locked out of MLS. I can not look up any information....
if I am locked out so....right now, I am being punished
for her irresponsible behavior. I can not pay anymore.

My day started out paying 400.00 just trying to get
healthy. I have to have someone take me
my husband or son will have to make arrangements...
those days to drive me. I have never been able to ask
her to do anything to help me.


homeless friends.....
pricy doctors.....
and then being locked out of the one
place I need to be to do my job....

what a day......

then tomorrow, my BFF goes back to see if she is going
to have to have back surgery. The other stuff they
have tried is not working....

I will be there for her.

Why has always been there for me.......