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2015-05-02 12:41:51 (UTC)

Springfest, art, music, food...

and lots of damn people. I love to sit and watch all the spray
tanned people with their white shorts, sandals and ball caps
and large sunglasses parade through downtown during the spring fest.

I wonder sometimes if they feel they are a celebrity or what little
world are they living inside their heads. But they do it this time
of year.

I am guilty myself. Hell, yesterday I did ride through a business
park looking for this place I once got a pretty good spray tan
near here. I was out and about getting my hair cut once again.

This time, I went back to my genius stylist who knows my hair.
She knows how thick it is and is not afraid to cut it. She talked
me out of the cut I had chosen. Lets try this one first....if
you do not like it, we can go shorter. She was right once again.
I walked out of there feeling so much better. Glad she could work
me in and fix the mess I was trying to live with it. I can
use my fingers to push it behind my ears and it stays! It is
as cute as hell. Kinda like Kris Kardashian. I hate her. But
I do like her hair cut. Lets see if I can rock this cut
for a while.....if it works out, I may wait on letting the grey
grow out. We discussed that too. She said we can plan that
out later. She knows just what I want.

We talked about her mother a little. I had no idea that her
mom and step dad had split up. Lord have mercy. They been
married about as long as me and mine. He just walked out.
Said they were not compatible any longer. Well, hell....

I could have had that excuse ten years ago and I stuck it
out. What the hell. I hope he does not have a girlfriend.
Sounds sad to me. I know her mother is broken up about it.
I never saw this coming. I am feeling her pain a little...
and realizing how doing something like this effects the other
people in your life. Something to know.

Yes, I thought about getting a spray tan.....but decided against
it. My skin is full of those little fat pockets...or whatever
you call them. those dents in the back of your thigh? I have
that crap on my arms too! I really need to get a handle on
this weight.

I never been like this before. This is horrible.

Plus trying to cut down smoking is not easy either. I feel
like there is a personality inside of me that really likes
smoking.....another one really likes to eat....and the others
are just along for the ride.....but the real me does not
like any of it. Feel like I am fighting myself....

but at least I have this cute haircut to sport as I
fight all of day at a time.

At least I know that a spray tan will not cover it up
but instead bring more attention to it. What I need
is a light sweater to wear to cover it up instead
of parading around showing it to everyone.

I think this may be a Spring Fest that I miss.

Just not feeling it this year......

maybe next time