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2015-05-01 12:01:21 (UTC)

Friday update

My bose came yesterday. I should have got that to begin with instead of
searching for something else that simply does not exist anymore. Well, it is true, I did find a cassette/player recorder that I could use to record to CDs...and also albums. But since I already have the system
to hook up axillary hook ups too....I can get that and use the receiver I already have. Hell, I was going to have to go to a goodwill to find one anyway since they do not sale them anymore. DUH! I have one of
the best. Still works great since it has not been abused or used
much at all. Anyway....I have a remote. I can listen to AM or FM
stations....which I wanted. I can play a CD also. Yes, it sounds
as good as they claim too. I can turn it up in hear just enough to
hear it. When I walk to the kitchen for coffee, it is not too loud
at all. Very crisp sound....or as good as I can hear it. Did not
take up any room. Cord was long enough to sit it on top of the
cabinet with double doors/shelves. Wonderful....I can listen to
the local DJs and music whenever....and talk radio.

In other news. I been on a streak to locate business. Touched base
with some for sale by owners...and my local buyer keeps wanting to
look one day and decides to just rent something the next. Nothing is
happening. I have not heard from the boss in a while. Daughter
sounded like she was also trying to get busy. Not sure what to
think about all this.

In a perfect world, my phone would be ringing off the hook. Where
is my business? I have been thinking about talking to this lady
who lives up the road and owns the small local real estate company...
not sure how that would work, but at least I would have an office
to meet people at, and it is nothing fancy, just a older smaller
house with a sign in front of it. Or should I just go ahead
and take this opportunity to get incorporated or whatever...
probably more like a sole proprietorship to go out on my
own. Kind of like the old guy up the road who was delighted
to work with me last year on that deal where he brought me a
cash buyer. He works on his own. I am not sure I feel
like dealing with any of it one way or another. I could just
keep everything like it is until the boss decides to drop the
axe. If that is what he has on his mind. I do not think he
is happy about the way this year is going. How fast he came
down from the high of how well last year went. Damn. I
would thought he like me would be for a bit of a break.

I guess I should talk to him about this, but we never have
meetings. He told me last week that we needed to get
together to talk early next week. this is next week
the end of it in fact and I have heard nothing. I just
got a feeling he is going to close the business. He does
not like the way things are going. He prefers to work
in the commercial side of things. Maybe I was wrong for
thinking it, but I was under the conclusion that he was
too teach me about commercial and I was going to help
him with the residential? I have done that...millions of
dollars in fact if you want to get technical. What the
fuck? I have only been involved in three commercial deals
and only one of them was through him. The other two, I
got on my own and did own my own. was not that difficult.

Residential is much more complicated.


Been thinking about doing another on line class. Go to dentist
again Monday. If they do not schedule something for next week...
I will try to get physical and mammogram out of the way. I need
to get my car inspected too this time of year. Busy time for
me and feeling a little humble but also ready for a break.

It is raining some this week and today. Hoping Monday after
my early appointment I can ride around some in search for some
for sale by owners. I sent some letters out this week, time
to make phone calls this weekend to follow up. I do have
that PA buyer coming into town during the race but have
not heard from him about any properties he may want to see.

Part of me wants to take a break, but I think we know I have
been taking a damn break already. the longer I sit here, the
worse I feel. Maybe it is the break. Maybe it is this
house and being suck here so much....the air in here
can not be good. The remodeling has been delayed since
he will be working on this assignment longer. Maybe he
will make enough money to just hire a contractor.
I am beginning to believe it is true, I feel much better
when I am away from this house. Maybe that is the trick.

Wanted to go to beach, but with all these upcoming appointments
to get out of the way, I have messed around and waited too long
to get the good deals for that. Maybe later around September...
yeah, right in middle of hurricane season. My luck.