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2015-04-28 16:52:28 (UTC)

Tuesday up and ready

Yesterday was not very productive. After doing errands and returning
home, I was so tired and having an issue with my stomach. Went to bed.
Tried to watch TV, but instead ended up keeping track of what was
going on in Baltimore. After hearing more about why these folks
were upset, I got upset too. I do not blame the rioters for being
pissed. If this could happen to one young man, it can and probably
has happened before now. A history of it would be just wrong and
this sort of stuff needs to stop. I am as sick of it as anyone.

Today, I have been working some this a couple more
letters out and sent some property to one of my buyers....
Feels good to have something to do that could turn into a
closing soon.

I took care of calling the cable people to have them send us
a box for my sons room. He will be happy that the upgrade
only cost us 10 bucks.

I finally got sick of trying to locate a stereo for my bedroom
so I went onto HSN and ordered the Bose. I will be able to
listen to AM and FM stations and CDs. It must let you do much
more than this as much as it cost. But I have paid my account
off and can do it again when I get the bill for this. Finally
going to be able to listen to music with a remote. It has
axillary connections. So, I may be able to add that cassette
and records being recorded to CDs. Not sure yet. Still glad
to have this coming.

The husband came home this morning saying his job at this
location as been extended to the end of June maybe longer...
so there will be no updates made here until much later in
the summer. I told him I did not care if he took the pool
out anyway. No one ever comes swim. I think
we can take it out and just install flooring where the pool was
and make it a deck. I could then screen in that deck that
leads up to the upper part...but none of that is as important
as the flooring, sliding and windows. That comes first.

Catching up on laundry today.......still fold enough towels
to feel like I work at a hotel.

Nothing much else......

Oh good news about my inspector....he is coming
home from hospital today.....I am so happy. God is good.