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2015-04-27 12:28:06 (UTC)

Catching up on Monday...

I ventured out yesterday to Wal-Mart. I have ran out of candle wicks
and I bet I walked a mile at least hoping to run across some in there.
I will have to stop in at Hobby Lobby or Michaels to stock up on them.
Picked up some huge candles. I have to have candles...the smell in
this house is so disgusting. I can not wait to get the carpet out
of here and new flooring. That alone would be an improvement.

I have still been feeling not my best lately. I know I have to
make some changes. Yesterday, he cooked steaks for us. Not something
we can do very often. The prices are outrageous. But to be good....
about it; I cut off part of mine and only ate a small portion. I cut
the baked potato in half too and used less butter. It was less food
but it was enough. I do not have to eat large portions of food. That
is where I was going wrong. trying to work on that now.

Felt good to get out of the house yesterday. The temps required a
jacket. Glad I did not waste money traveling to the beach. But I
did look at the bathing suits. After looking at the prices of
them on line....and hoping I would not require one so large for
all the summer...I went with the cheap version. I picked up a
swimsuit top that I can wear with shorts or a long skirt....and
one called a swim dress. LOL A SWIM DRESS? It looks ridiculous.
Only cost 12 bucks. I will keep it with me in case my BFFs cousin
can wear it. She is taller than us and bigger boned. More her

I must be getting used to being older. I would have never
even thought about going to the beach or anywhere in public
with a bathing suit on at this size. But honestly as unreal
as it seems.....I do not give a shit. I am going to wear
it and I am going to walk on the beach with it on. Of course
I will be sporting a large hat and sunglasses hoping to not
reveal who I am. FUCK IT!

At least I am trying. At least I am trying.....

One more week till I go to the periodontist. I am dreading
all this but looking forward to having it over with no
matter what the outcome. It has to be done.

With my new eating style and upcoming dental work.....
maybe by the time I go to the beach, that bathing suit
top is too big.

trying to cut down on smoking too.
I have a deep desire to stop. I know I can do it. Done it
before. I am trying.

Giving up the sweets may be the hardest thing though....

that bag of snicker bites last night blew all my success
out the window. But hell, felt good.

After the dental work.





Oh yeah. I found a great for sale by owner right up the
road. It is one of those that I would really love to
have my sign in the yard. A great road. Heavy traffic.

But a lot more competition. So, let the games begin.

Updates as they happen.