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2015-04-26 21:06:19 (UTC)

Bitter sweet, Simply Beautiful.

we practically rearranged the front of the sanctuary of the church this afternoon turning it into a movie theater with four recliners as the seats.
watched the sisterhood of the traveling pants 2.
now we are sitting here Mime is crashed out.
Pepper and Heart and I are listening to music and talking and just chilling and I was just thinking of how sweet of a moment this is... and how times are changing and how there will never be another moment just like this one ever again.
It's slightly light but mostly dark the windows with the fake stained glass make the room look beautiful.
I love my friends.
I love this place.
It also makes me think of how times have already changed and how friends I used to have and do this with aren't here any more and someday none of us will.

It's bitter sweet and simply beautiful.