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2015-04-26 14:38:23 (UTC)

Tired on a Sunday

Sunday morning before church, here super early.
Had to go pick up stuff with Dad, Ran into jared At Homeland he didn't say Hi...I got nervous acted weird I always do when it involves the "Orange" sheesh I need to get over that...and Charming.

I need to get over a lot of things...ha.. yeah.

I feel like right now the only good thing life has to offer are my friends...
Salt and Pepper are... kinda a lifeline.

I feel so tired I almost just decided not to come today but then got up and got ready anyway, resolving to go home and sleep this afternoon but then as usual I decided I'll probably stay here...kinda miss the days I could be here on a Sunday afternoon alone...but now Pepper always stays even with out me here... guess she needs a place to escape to too.
The queen is supposed to teach the Youth today...and I suppose Pepper and I will be in there too...uhh we need to go to a class of our own how will we ever be treated like Adults in this building if we are always lumped in together with the kids?
idk the age old question since I was 18...

Can you believe I turn 21 in June? ahhh I'm so excited for my birthday this year YAY!!!!!!!!!

okay gotta run... this room is about to be filled with one two many people.