My Letter To The World
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2015-04-25 07:10:04 (UTC)

2am Message to all.

Random thoughts and urges to write.
Gah thoughts on past and present and future colliding.
Feeling conflicted.
Sick and well.
Tired and wired.
Victorious and defeated.
Pumped up and put out.
Peaceful and afraid.

I think lots of people live their lives this way constant conflict, and confusion.
And i to have my moments my days and times this way... But i have something inside me that tells me everythings going to be okay.
That no matter how low i get or go... I'll make it.
I've been depressed.
I've been suicidal.
I've been broken and betrayed.
I've been hurt by those who shouldn't have hurt me.
I've been let down by those i though wouldn't let me down.
I've lost people by Death and Distance.
I've lost people by Fights and Flights and Fear.

But there is one Thing that has never left me.
That has never betrayed me.
That has never pushed me past what i could come back from.
That has never let me down.

That thing, that person, That amazing, gift and blessing in my life
Inside me in my very heart and soul.
Is none other than
Jesus Christ. God.

I may sound crazy... And this wasn't where i thought my 2am ramblings were headed but this is Truth. This is important. These words flow out of me its hard to hold them back.
I'm not crazy, I'm not lieing. I'm not delusional, and i'm not wrong.
God exists. He loves YOU he died For YOU and he wants you to know him for who he Truely is and not for the Lies or misconseptions That have become common now when one thinks of God.
He is Loving, he is Good, he gives Grace.
All you have to do is Recieve that blessing, that gift.
Its easy, its Free.
If you have any questions or comments send them to me in the Feedback i'll answer i promise.

Prayers for you dear reader no matter who you are or what you believe.