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2015-04-22 12:02:35 (UTC)

Something more normal

Today, I will be getting outside on that new mower to finish cutting
the grass after he details the edges. It would take me about 3
hours with the old mower. I am hoping this new bad boy will make
it easy.

I am going to try to get in to have the stylist trim the ends
on my hair and shape it up just a little more. Hoping this
happens on Friday.

So far this week is working out great. My friend got that
promotion! She will not have to work so hard and can
work from home lots of times. She will be working on her
own out of the Charlotte office and will not have to
worry so much with co-workers dumping work on her desk.
The fact that was able to pull this off during such a
difficult time shows just how good she is and how much
they respect her. She is feeling more appreciated. Mostly
though, she is elated that her supervisor understands what
she is going through. Finally. Handled.

I can not stop thinking about the x-ray showing that tooth
imbedded inside my face. Messing with my sinus area and
probably causing the ear thing too or at most contributing
to it. Now I am wondering how in the hell do they
get that sucker out and how will that effect my face?
Will it sink in where the tooth was or what?

These dizzy spells could be coming too from that damn tooth.

I was just talking to him the other day about how damn small
my mouth is in comparison to other people. It is so small,
I have teeth that had no where to go so they never came
in, instead stayed put and grew to adult size tooth.
Weird for sure. And then there is that root canal
they want to do? I feel like I need a team to help
make the right decisions and set all this up in the
order it should happen in a safe manner.

Result should be feeling normal again.......

and today I will be as normal as possible riding that
new mower with my headphones on listening to the radio.

Let the sun shine