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2015-04-22 00:18:19 (UTC)

A good day for all of of us

Whaoa...slow down some now....

I signed up to take that 4 hour online class. I figured I would
do a couple hours today and then finish it in the morning. Uh,
no, that did not happen. I kept going and finished the whole
thing. It was great. I can not tell you what a relief it
is to have not only a 4 hour elective out of the way, but also
got the code of ethics training out of the way too. I may
do this again.

Then I learned that my BFF got the promotion she tried for. She
gets to work from home a lot more and gets her own laptop. She
is very happy.

My other friend got her appraisal in on that house. It came
in low enough for her to decide most likely to just keep it.
Buying her siblings out and keeping it would be a good

Plus, I got that manicure and pedicure today..right
after I washed my car.

The sun is out!