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2015-04-21 13:57:01 (UTC)

No beach for now....

So much for fast plans. Just can not make it happen. I will use
this time to do other things.

Today, I am getting a manicure and pedicure. I will be
calling the lady who cut my hair and ask her to trim it
some more. I can do nothing with it.

Not something I am used too either.

It is clear that my hair is damaged all the way to
the root. Even if she trims it, it will still be
damaged. Not sure if it can be saved this time.


So, instead of wasting money trying to get to the beach,
I have a couple weeks before the dental work begins...

so, I am going to sign up to take an online class
that will give me 4 hrs of elective credits. There
is one that also satisfies the ethics requirement.
I will take that one first.

Then, on next Friday on the first, if I can get to
that other class near here that I would not mind
taking, I will have 8 hrs.....and if I do not
feel like staying for the whole 8 hrs, when I take
that day of classes, I can skip the last 4 hrs.

I have a get back on track.

Working on the eating...
the smoking...
and the classes.....

trying to get the hair right again too.

May never happen...may have to start wearing
a damn wig. But the good thing about that
now of my good friends is almost
an expert in that arena. Hope it does
not come to that.

But one thing is for sure....

the beach trip will cost more....
and it will be later.

Never realized everyone in NC and SC wanted to
book every damn thing in OAK ISLAND.

I must own property there some day.