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2015-04-20 20:39:47 (UTC)

Tryin to get to beach

I have called all the places I usually call to make reservations
at Oak Island. But no luck this time. Some kind of wine tasting
thing going on down there this weekend so naturally if I want to go
Thursday and stay through weekend to check out mid week, there are
no balcony ocean front rooms. NONE! I bet I could change rooms
Monday to get what I want at least for a few days....

but so far, I have not confirmed anything.....

I am sick of this damn rain, lightning, wind, hail, we just
stopped a very long rainy period that I thought would never
end, had a few great summer like days....just awesome. Now
the bottom has fallen out again and the rain has started.
These storms are so bad, that I had the conversation with
him today before he left for work to learn that when he
changed our home insurance policy? We got screwed.

I am not surprised. He did not tell me anything about the
changes he made. I thought we were consolidating so we could
save money. You know, bundle all of it at the same
company, home, auto, health, dental etc. Something new
for us. But the coverage we have now is not as good as
what we had. But I guess since we owe less on it, it most
likely is pretty close to the same. I am not sure....

I do feel a need to take photos of everything we own
to have proof that we owned it. Have not done that in a while.

Damn it, I want to pack my shit and drive to the beach....
if I can not get a place at Oak Island, I may have to
call Garden City. with all this rain, it may never dry
enough to cut the grass anyway. I would like to cut it
before I leave, but I am getting the hell out of here...
and my ass will be walking on the beach. I wanted it
to be that one. Shit.

I really do not want to go to Garden will be
so crowded there. I just want to walk on my almost
deserted beach....looking for shells....watching the
boats...I already got a book to read. I know I got
that dental work coming up. I want to take a breather.
I want to walk on the beach alone with my headphones on...
I want to take some photos with my camera...and just sit
in my chair on the beach.

I tried to stop smoking again this morning. But it did
not last. The good news is it did last a while. Next
time, it will last a little longer...then I will try
it again until I no longer smoke. I think it has
already killed me. I just do not know it yet.
That is coming too. I must prepare.

Oh yeah, I got caught in this damn horrible thunderstorm
on my way out of the grocery store this morning. I got
soaked. But when I got dry back at home, I actually
cleaned my bathtub. Wow. Smells better too. Not
that it was all that bad. It just fills the air
with freshened up.

But at least I got something done....

and we did discuss my beach trip. He seemed ok with it.