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2015-04-18 16:15:46 (UTC)

Saturday plans in the rain...

I normally do not like doing much in the rain, but when it
is raining all the time, what can you do? Still not feeling
my best, but trying to hang in.

I am having a hard time adjusting to his work schedule, gone
at night, sleeping during the routine is in limbo.

Did not get in touch to make my appointment, but will do that
first thing on Monday. I am beginning to feel that going on
to the ear specialist now is probably a better idea. I am
not sure if the dental thing and ear thing are connected or
what is best to do first. I may need to at least get an
examination and maybe some x-rays before proceeding to any
root canal for sure, especially in the same place as the
first one was.

When I am laying in bed and I turn from the left side to
the right side or visa versa, I experience a very sickening
dizzy spell. It does not last long but is happening every
time. Scaring me some.

But one thing is for sure. I have started this journey to
find answers and solutions to whatever this is. It needs
to be addressed. This I know.

Did I wait too long?

More time will tell.

My BBF is having a issue with her back again and I am feeling
like this. No one knows much about all this. Friends are
going out tonight and already sent invites to us. Not sure
if we are going out or not. Still waiting to hear back
from the BFF.

My other friend is having her house appraised on Monday.
This will let us know if she is buying her family out
or if it will be listed and she search for another one...

more time but getting close to an answer on that one too.