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2015-04-15 16:12:52 (UTC)

What a waste of time

Not to mention taking the medication for a week. I got in
there today at the Dentist office and they took more x-rays,
did a check to see how deep the gum tissue was...then the
dentist came in and examined them. Then, I was told that
they would prefer I go to a periodontist. I need have lost
some bone. They also said I had a couple cavities. Said
they will check with the insurance to see how much the
deep cleaning would be. And if they will pay to replace
the bridge that they will have to remove to fix the original
problem for the visit. I was to wait a couple weeks and then
call to make an appointment with the periodontist to work on
the gums. Then, I can come back to them for the other work.

So, nothing was done today. I took that medication for a week
for absolutely nothing.

Fuck it.

I started looking for an update class to take. Not sure which
one to take so I sent a email to the instructor asking for
assistance in which one to choose. I want to get these
classes over with.

I am going to do that before I call anyone.

They did say that I have a tooth up inside my chaw that never
came in. So it is there. And could be what is contributing
to the ear and sinus issue. She also should me a place on
the x-ray where it looked "suspicious" and the dentist needed
to look at it. The dentist never even mentioned it.

What a wasted day.....