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2015-04-14 15:30:57 (UTC)

We grew different

It seems that for years I've been searching for the right...phrase to call what happened with me and my used to be close friends.
I would say:
We drifted apart.
We Grew up
We grew apart.
we changed.

but Really the perfect way to describe it occurred to me Last night...
and that is this:

We grew different.

As we got older we did change and we did grow more distant we were different and the friendships we had were different and now...pretty much non existent.
We had different Goals and different opinions and different childhoods with different raising and struggle and problems.
We Grew different and therefore could not co exist the same way ever again...it makes me think of how some plants can't grow next to or with some other but some can grow peacefully and beautifully together.
I miss what it used to be(the good things anyway) and I will always remember and be thankful for that period of time that we were together friends...family. bonded together in memories forever and I say that kind of dramatically because well...Thing will never ever be that same way ever again.
Things could be better or worse or non existent but it will never be that that it was.
I miss you, I miss you all and I pray your Happy, well and that you have the best this life has to offer.
I hope you make good choices and find love and Friendships that last forever.
I pray that you have Joy when times are Tough and like Hell because those will happen like they already have in your life.
My heart breaks and burst with all the unspoken things between us and all I can do is send you light and love when I think of you.
because it's your choice to have me in your life or not.
I won't hate you
I won't ignore you
I won't leave you
I won't turn you away if you need me.
I'm the loyal one...that won't change.
I love you and believe in you I still see your light.
I will choose to still see the good in you no matter what you did to me or what other people say.
I say goodbye now...but only because we know those aren't forever.