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2015-04-13 19:19:19 (UTC)

Day one new routine

I was glad that I had went out there yesterday to repack my car.
It was neat and not sliding all over the back of my car. My trip
to my daughters house took about an hour. We talked while unloading
the car. She said something about labels. I knew I might have some
at home but not with me. So, on my way home, I stopped at the store
to locate some labels and an envelope, went to the post office and
mailed them to her. That was a lot easier than driving through
Charlotte again. Thank God for Old Monroe Rd. I took it
today coming home. A sweet ride too. Passed the place where
my BFF and I took the bartending classes. Rode passed some
neighborhoods I once delivered mail too. And a couple clubs
I recall going too many years ago. Many changes along the
way, but the area felt familiar. It was a sweet ride.

Now, this is the day he will going to work. Shortly too.

I stopped taking that medicine for the dental thing this week...
a day ago. So, I will be starting that back. I need to keep
that appointment although I dread it so much. It is the first
step in hoping to solve this problem with the teeth and my ear.

Been enjoying the new colors in here. Getting rid of that stuff
today assured me that we are weeding out stuff routinely here
these days. Every time clears up a corner or an area we had
stopped using. More space revealing itself. Kind of odd how
things can remove space and make a room look cluttered, too small.
Just a good cleaning out and dusting off can bring a room alive
again with space and light pouring in.

New throw rugs in the kitchen today. But not happy with them
at all. Too small. But will leave it for now. I believe
I will stop now. My spring cleaning is over For now.

Someone was looking at the house next door today. They were
there a while. Looking at it real good. Maybe we will
have new neighbors soon. I miss the sounds of children
playing in the background. Sometimes.

Glad the son is here with him working at night. I hate that
now. It will be easier this time. No change at all.

I have a mosquito bite on my butt. How n the hell did that