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2015-04-12 01:46:34 (UTC)

Day for new stuff...

I left to get my hair cut this morning and he had just got up.
He was up early waiting on the new mower to be delivered. My
hair if shorter with lots of layers. Very thinned out. I have
not had this done in a while. It will take some getting used too,
but it feels great.

I drove to Bed Bath and Beyond to look at bedspreads. First went
into a linen outlet store near by. But got lucky at BB&Y. I found
one that I like. It was not cheap, but made of a very comfortable
material for me. I forced myself to choose something other than
tan, white, brown. The winning one is aqua with a off white trim
around the bottom part. It is easy to tell which way it goes
when you make up the bed, and the bottom of it actually fits
the bed. It looks great. Came with a couple cute throw pillows
and 2 sets of shams. Worked great. I also got a new
shower curtain and rugs for my bathroom. I picked out the
nice stuff this time. I do not plan on doing this again
for a while.

I am happy with all of it.

When I arrived home, he was on the mower cutting the grass. It
was easy to tell that he was cutting more grass in one row
this one is pretty wide. Won't take as long too.

So, new hair cut, new bedspread and shower curtain, and new mower

I am feeling blessed today.

But I can not stop thinking about our friend and home inspector
who is in the hospital in a coma fighting for his life. He
is not expected to survive. Not too much older than my kids,
used to be a body builder, very healthy and active. He got
a stomach virus.....A STOMACH VIRUS! Seriously! Now, his
kidneys have failed....and he is dying. What the hell is
going on with all these people getting a cold or stomach
virus and end up dead? Must be something else that people
are catching....something more serious than a cold, a
stomach bug, something that is killing us.

Is anyone paying attention yet?