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2015-04-10 15:46:01 (UTC)

Making some good butter

So, today I thought I would catch up on some things on my to do list.
One, I installed my new anti-virus program on my small laptop. Got it
working great now. Went through my notes so I can reinstall a couple
programs I use to do my business. So, all that is handled and or
ready to go.

I called the health department to get some reports on some property
I am currently working on to be faxed to me so I will have all
I need when I discuss with client.

Then....I remembered that I never made my cannabis butter.
So, I looked to be sure we had some on unsalted butter...
and we did. I put in crock pot and turned it on to melt.

Then, before ever watching the video, I just put the stuff
in the butter seeds and all. WRONG WAY TO DO IT!

So, now, I am going to have to have him to go to store...
I need cheese cloth and a small alumina foil container
to put it in.

When reading the comments added to the video. I think I
can use the cheese cloth to separate butter from the herb
and then go from there without even using the water.

If this works, next time I will put herbs in cheese cloth
before adding it to the butter. Can not wait to try this.

Time shall tell.

We do what we can to survive. This is just a test for me.
It was recommended by my friend up in the mountains who
uses it and makes it for others.

The problem is, the smell will over take the house for a
while during the process. So, I told him about it.
No secrets. He is going to store for me so I can
finish it up....and if it works,

I will be getting some more supplies tomorrow and I
will be making more.

Hoping this works.