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2015-04-10 00:49:33 (UTC)

Club Cadet day....

We finally bought the new lawn mower. 50 inch does not come
with a mulching blade, but we can order one ourselves when we need
it. They deliver it here on Saturday.

I wanted to go out to the building and work on the old mower a
little when we got home. I fixed it last time, but I have never
went into the actual engine. All I did before was connect some
loose wires. Did not get out there today, but I will put it
on my list of things to do.

My BFF told me tonight that she only went to work so far this
week a little while on Monday, and went in today at lunchtime.
She is really having a horrible time with her back. I fear
that her doctor increasing the strength of her medication could
be a problem for her. I hope not.

God I want that girl back to normal......

She really over did it on Sunday. Another holiday with her
family was way too much. She drove people around for two days.
She just can not do that. Why do they not understand this?
I would never ask her to do anything. EVER! Instead, I would
pick her up and not let her do a thing. Dear Lord....

what are people thinking? Or are they all in denial?

Who knows.

The air conditioner is working so good. The air even feels
cleaner....I had a over night bag packed. I was ready to
go and had picked out my destination. One of my favorite
local songwriters will be playing this Saturday in Saluda.
I would love to go see him perform. Not many locals around
here will be there...and I have seen him there before...
It would be a break for me.

But the BFF has a fund raiser she has asked me to go too.
I think over 600 people have said there were going. It will
be packed and no parking either. I am going to tell her
I would rather not go to that. If she does not want
to ride up to Saluda with me so she can also take a break..
then, I may ride up there alone. I have friends there too.

Our other buddy asked me today to go to downtown Belmont
Saturday night. But not sure how I feel about all that

I get my hair cut Saturday. Not sure what will happen
after that.

I think I am going to let her cut it like it is
on my passport. It was at my favorite length from
growing out from a short cut. We'll see.

Anyway...that is about it for me.......for now.

Oh yeah, Belmont. Today, the soldier who was missing
in Vietnam and his body located recently, came home
today. IT was something else. And on Saturday
the streets will be packed with people lining both
sides holding American flags as his funeral precession
passes by on the way to the grave site. He was a
Price. His brother is Dennis Price. I remember him
from way back. His body was escorted by many many
bikes and cars....from the airport and there will be
people on guard 24 seven until he is buried.

That is the way we do it.

If u ever get a chance to see a movie called

Norman Rockwell's Shuffleton's Barbershop

It was filmed in downtown Belmont....most of all the scenes
in that movie, from the banks of the river, the cabin by
the river, the mansion, the barbershop, the downtown area...
but not the church that burnt down...there is no church
on the other side of the that movie that
church catches on fire. Amazing how real it looked
in that movie.