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2015-04-09 12:04:51 (UTC)

I learned a long time ago....

that most people or at least the ones I have encountered through out my life; sometimes they can not help but exaggerate. So, naturally over the years, I have become numb to what people say until I am in the presence of proof.

If Bobby and Mr. Morris do not show up get the air conditioning working....I am thinking seriously of riding up toward
the mountains and just stay there a few days. I need a damn break.

I mean I really need a damn break.

Part of my heart is breaking a little and I can not do a damn thing
about it. I have tried to do the right thing.....I found her a wheelchair, just waiting to get the word it is ok to go pick it
up. But she is in the hospital, and I bet she could really use
that thing when she goes home. But really do not know much about
it. It sounded pretty damn serious to have 15 liters of fluid drained off your legs...and a blood transfusion to boot. Lord. They might
even put her in assisted living or something. So, I guess the wheelchair can wait until I know more.

I got up very early this morning...wanted to enjoy the cool air.
Being in this house yesterday with the sun blasting down upon us
was unbearable almost. I can not stay here another day like that.

I am already thinking about getting my hair all cut off...and I
mean all of it. I am so sick of sweeping up hair in my bathroom
it always full of it no matter what I do. But I recall last
time I took this approach, there was still hair, it was just
shorter. Fuck.

Taking that damn medication like the dentist said...and that
means I should not drink beer. Hmmmm? Now, do I really
want to waste a trip to the mountains knowing that I can
not drink a cold beer at the pub? Plus everyone I know
up there act as though if you lite up a cigarette, you are
the devil. Hard to find a place that allows smoking, but
animals are ok. So, you might be in a place full of
guest with dogs barking all night. Fuck!

Or even worse little kids running around. Oh God.
I could go get a room at that the Holiday Inn or
something like that. But shit.

Maybe the beach.....instead. At least there is a breeze.

Made an appointment to get my hair done Saturday. Not really
sure what I am going to have her do. I was set on a short
cut, but this morning, I just pulled it back in a clip and
only had to fix my bangs. Now this is not hard to do. Maybe
I need to just let it grow out a little more before I decide
to chop it off.

Just do not know how to deal with the color...

Washing sheets and bedspreads this morning before it
starts to get hot.

Morris Jenkins are supposed to be here between
8 and noon. Four hours?

I want the damn thing fixed.

He wants me to go with him to help decide on a lawn mower.
I hope he does not think that I am going to cut the grass.

I keep trying to explain to him that he needs to invest in
a mower that mulches the grass as you go so when he is
finished, he does not have to rack. Our yard is way too
big for him being out there doing that shit. He an't
doing that anymore either.

Anyway....I may be going to a bed and breakfast tonight....
hell, I will take my laptop and will be
so nice.....maybe cut down on smoking too since it is
not allowed. I can follow rules.

Well, the neighborhood is coming alive.....

he should be getting up soon.

He wants to be awake when the repairmen come.