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2015-04-07 23:14:37 (UTC)

Tuesday step one

It was time to punish myself and use the dental insurance. So,
today, I spent part of my morning being x-rayed probed and
talked too. I now have to take antibiotics all day long for
ten days and go to the dentist again next week for one of those
wonderful deep cleanings. This is what happens to people who
have gum disease and get old or both.

My goal today was to have her check the old root canal location
and let me know if something needs to be redone or what. I am
thinking this is the reason my ear hurts like it does. Sometimes
it hurts bad. This was step one on my mission to learn what is
up with the ear area of my head. Is it that tooth? Is it the
ear? Do I have a cracked chaw bone or something? She seemed to
understand what I was asking her.

Came home after riding to taco bell and bought almost 20 bucks
of taco bell food. I was not sure what I wanted so I ordered some
items that I had never had before. Just testing. No, I only tasted
each of them.

Last night, I was watching Bates Hotel from where I had DVR rd it.
The very last part of the show was messed up. I did not see that
few seconds or previews of next weeks show. That really pisses
me off. And East Enders started recording 15 minutes late and the
first 15 minute was another show....messed up the whole night.
Why can't the DVR detect when the show has not started at the
correct time? I do not get it. After all this is 2015.

The age of which if you wanted to buy a home stereo system for
a room inside your home, TUFF LUCK BUDDY! They do not sell
them like that anymore. Technology now expects all of us
to upload music from the net. Or download it....I am not
sure which term is correct. They want us to listen to
I PODs instead of records, CD's or cassettes. Yes, people
still have cassettes. But I can not locate any thing new.

Guess I am going to have to start hitting yard sales on Saturday