My Letter To The World
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2015-04-07 04:44:00 (UTC)


I feel liqid rage flowing through me....
Hot....boiling....rising....ticking time bomb.
I close eyes and try to breathe but that only seems to fan the flames...makes the feeling even more real...as i were meditating on it.

Stupid things that trigger it...
But all the things that are rolled up in it aren't stupid.

I hate your absolute judgements of any freaking thing or any one.
You aways fresking do that!
And you don't even realize what the hell your saying do you?
No...because if you did you'd realize how Ugly, Arrogent, stupid and bigited you sound!!!
Well at least i'd hope you don't realize how freaking stupid you sound and still choose to act, speak and think that way.
News flash genious? Your wrong.

Why is it your allowed to stomp away lock your door and not answer your freaking phone but it i did that to you you'd be so PO'ed you lose your fresking mind?

They say no matter what the realtionship is, Husbend,wife, family or friends.
That your not supposed to go to bed angry, Stay up and fight.
Well i tried! I always freaking am the one that tries.
Everyone else Freaking walks away and quits weather its temporary or forever i'm the one that aways sees you walk away...that watched all of you freaking walk away.

But just once i want to be the one whos walking away from you people, from this freaking place...from all of this.
Even if it kills me someday i'll be the one who walks away.