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2015-04-05 05:45:33 (UTC)

OMG! Please do not make me

Man, I tell you what..this was a crazy evening. First, I decided that instead of using the Merry Christmas gift card to a local steak house, I would just get a new card and just keep the one my daughter gave me
for maybe when I am the beach...which I hope is very soon.

This turning off your phone crap does not work.

She was suppose to meet me there with a card to put the
gift card inside, but 10 minutes till the time we were
supposed to meet, she text me that she had not even taken
a shower yet....later just cancelling all together.
As usual.

Tonight, I was unsure what the problem was when not one
but a few folks kept asking if I was okay? No, I do not
talk much. I can not hear very well. So, why bother
trying to have a conversation when you would rather just
listen to the music? It should be apparent when I am the
only one in the entire establishment that is feeling the
music enough to swing my head, shoulders area to the beat...
letting anyone who sees this no other conclusion than I get it.


Plus there are a few people in there that have drama going
on or have in the past. Look guys, if someone tells you
that you are dressed like a hooker and no one wants to
see your ass hanging out or your boobies; then you might
want to recognize that this was advice not the start of
world war 3. Get a damn mirror.

And when your ex husband brings his new girlfriend in,
please do not expect us to not speak to him just because
you got there first with your new man. We are not in
the divorce. It was not our fault. You are just another
person sitting at the bar and nothing more. Next time you
give me a shit look, you might get those extensions rearranged
bitch. Seriously. You look foolish. Do not make that mistake

The town drunk thinks he is my bodyguard. He told his ride
to just go on and he stayed behind and watched me from the
door. Kept walking over once and a while asking if everything
was ok.

Another couple came in and she goes one way and he goes the
other which is usually somewhere near me. He told me he was
not drinking tonight so she could have a good time helping
all of us celebrate the owners birthday. I remembered while
he sat there and noticing the distance between them...he did
this last time they were in here. Last time, he sat at
my table and talked to me. He is a talker. Maybe he talks
all the time and she is taking a break from having to listen
to him.....yeah, that must be it. Surely to god they are
not in some silly open relationship or something...he does
seem attracted to me somewhat. But that only creates
some firmly set space. I do not like it. Stay the hell
away dumb ass. Then, before I left, she was telling me
how damn good my hair looked and complimenting me...
but I honestly do not think she ever talks much. She is
more like me. I think the other girls like her pretty much
and I think we could probably become good friends. But,
her damn husband is gonna have earn some trust first. I
am not into a bunch of drama and I would hate to hurt
his feelings. I am hoping I am 100 percent wrong about this.

Before I left, I asked one of the other guys to walk me to
my car. I had to walk past the bodyguard wanna be at the door
and several men who insisted on engaging me into conversation
through out the night.

On my way home....I was remembering how this town
sucks now. I am so disappointed in it these days.

Thinking about this damn town has got me all worked up.
I wish I had that voice thing set up so all I had to do it
talk instead of typing this shit.

Oh dear God.

Who n the hell gives a shit anyway?

Please do not make me have to choose a side.

Seriously? Are you a fruit cake or what?

No need for silly drama.

I always lean toward the truth side....
the apparent side....
the side that makes the most sense....

where is my town?
I want my town back?

I have a tag on my car with the name of this
town. I use to love this place.

Where is the town now?
I want it back!

I could shop at Paul Derrs, The Leader, etc...
buy groceries at Jones Brothers...

And the soda shops at the drug stores...were
great too...

Doctors around the corner too.

Never any reason to leave town.

But now....

everyone is going cross the line to

and they should.....

where is the town I choose?

What the hell happened?

Please do not force me into a political arena.

I hate politics. But we really do need a change
here. Heartbreaking.

We are right on a river too. No one ever thinks to
take advantage of that. Oh yeah, there was one time
when the city council were talking about building
a walking bridge over the river to the whitewater
center. No where near faded out..
that plan did. Really ridiculous.

Now there is nothing going on here during the day
or at night. Someone bought the other large space
and have plans to bring it alive soon. Hoping
that is the first of many new things here. But
at the moment, like many others

I am disappointed.....