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2015-04-04 22:11:50 (UTC)

Touching base with everyone else... was spent with a early call from the cousin friend
who wanted to go over her recent home inspection. It was not as
bad as she was expecting, so now she wants to get estimates on
repairs. Now, she will have an appraisal done and decide if she
is going to buy them out or sell it and buy something else.

Then, I took time to touch base with the BFF. She and I talked all
morning. She has been busy doing things at home. We take her the
bike tomorrow while she is at church. When she gets home, it will
be in her building.

Talked to the daughter too. Our oldest granddaughter is selling
things at a rummage sale to raise money to attend a week at a
beach church camp this summer. I told them I would bring some
things over for her to sell. I am letting them sell the Keith
Urban guitar with the cute little amp. After looking at it some
more trying to decide if I want to keep it, I instead decided
that it is too small for me and almost kid like. I think she
get a big chunk of change for it. It comes with everything..
I am just not feeling it. Plus I am getting rid of things. I
already had a pile of crap on the table to take to the donate
store down town, so I will just let her use that stuff too.
MY Bff heard about it and she also has some things to add
to the pile. She will make her goal just on our stuff.

Anyway....since I had such a great day yesterday hanging with
Charlie, tonight the BFF and I are going downtown to help
our friend who owns the pub celebrate her 60th birthday. I
know she holds the highest degree of black belt you can
receive and can probably kick anyone's ass who walks in that or woman. She does not look 60 at all. And
I can look at her and recall how it was for me to turn
60. I celebrated right there also. She will not be
working tonight so this will be a rare time that we can
sit with her and hang out like friends. We all love her
to death. It will be a hoot.

After my son and I get that bike out of my car
tomorrow, and I load my donating items in it...
One day next week when I meet her at the Y, we will
load the BFFs stuff too and I can drive it over
the next day or my daughter can come meet us at the
y to get all of it.

I go to the dentist Tuesday.

Next on my things to do is
schedule an update class....