My Letter To The World
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2015-04-04 07:22:40 (UTC)


Someone might be pregnant.
Someone is about to old for that.
Someone shouldn't be having sex ouside of mairrage.
Someone should use protection.
Someone should be doing right by the kids she already has.
Someone should not and probably would not have another abortion.
Someone should be staying clean.
Someone is probably freaking the hell out.
Someone is probably hoping its not pregnancy.
Someone is stalling.
Someone is going to have to make some big and better life choices.

Is it bad that i really hope someone is pregnant?
For her sake? Ah i don't know...
But if someone is...well God help us all...deal with it be with her and bless this childs life.

It didn't happen... there is no Baby.
I don't know which emotion was stronger Relief or disappointment.
well thing worked out the way God wanted them to.