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2015-04-03 22:13:24 (UTC)

Day off with Charlie

The power went off during the Young And Restless today causing me
to miss a very important scene. It came back on after I had
already made arrangements to meet Charlie. I love hanging out
with him. We are about the same age. I have known him since the
70's. Like a brother or something. We rode to a friends house
to see their yard where an old septic tank had caused a small
sink hole and they were filling it with soil. They have been
on city water for many years at that location, but apparently was
once using a septic tank and well. Charles even has an abandon
well in his yard. He is closer to downtown that these folks.

We stayed there long enough to catch up. I had not seen these
people in a while. Charlie and I drove to downtown Belmont
since we knew there was nothing at all to do in our sad little

We enjoyed ourselves catching up with once another and having
a bite to eat and a cold beer. Went back to his house and walked
around in his yard. He has been working on it since it warmed up.
Turning an old out building that is wired into a man
is going to be something else. Can not wait till his next cookout.

Came home to learn that our air conditioner was messed up during
the power outage. Waiting on Bobbie and Mr. Morrison to get
here. It is hot already, but he has all the windows open
and fans on. It is ok.

Going over the hud this morning, I thought I had found a mistake
where the attorney fee was not actually taken out. I added it
up over and over, and the charge was always left out. IF this
is true, the attorney did not pay themselves. Who fixes that?

I pulled another HUD where I had a closing at the same office
and noticed that it was the same way on, I guess
the boss was right when he said they for sure got paid...It has
to be on there somewhere..... although it appears this is they
way this office does it....I still could not stop thinking about
it. I am a perfectionist about my career.

It felt good to leave the phone in the car and spend some time
with old friends. I needed a break...

now....I am feeling some cool air in here. Guess Bobby has
done his job.

Crazy day