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2015-04-02 14:42:40 (UTC)

Now, what is next?

I met my clients family at the house he was closing on yesterday
before closing to do a walk through. I counted 9 people....
they were all delighted with this property. The sellers left
it clean as a brand new home.

The listing agent brought a couple bottles of wine and a thank you
card for me and one for my client. Nice touch. I gave both
bottles to him. I do not need to drink wine.

The traffic was hectic in that area. Waiting around for the
property to be recorded, I stopped to get a bite to eat. And
walked around in a couple stores....but finally got a call
to come pick up our checks..

The traffic coming home was bumper to bumper..and I was so
glad to be home and have this one over with.

Now, I will meet the boss to give him the checks and he will
write me one. Going to the bank, then to shop for some work
clothes for my son. He gave me a bundle of cash last night
and ask me to go shop for him.

Stopping at the dentist office too. I need to make an appointment
to get this root canal redone...or whatever...needs to be done.

I will be taking the next few weeks catching up on yearly
physicals and that dental stuff. I have my contacts too...
and I need to order a new pair of glasses for times I am
not wearing the contacts. So, I have a list of things to
do for myself.

Touching base with my mountain lady friend to schedule a day
trip to go spend some time with her too. I want to talk to
her about how my daughter treats me and see what she thinks
about it. She has been around all my daughters life...and
she will be honest and helpful. It may be time to start
treating the daughter just like she treats me.

I have done so much for her and her family. I may have done
too much. Now, I do not hear from her much. It is getting to
be apparent that when she does call and take some time to
talk to me....that I can count on a call a couple days later
asking me to pay a phone fees...etc...
it never fails. Then, when I text her or call her...
she does not answer and does not get back to me.

I am not even hurt about it now as much as I was. Now, it
is the new normal. But do I just stop answering when she calls
and not return her calls? I am thinking it is time to do
that for a while and see if she gets it.

I am sick of being treated like crap....after all I have done
to help her.

She has a 600 dollar camera....
she has a sunglass video camera to use at carowinds...( 200 bucks)
I paid for her entire family season tickets last year...
I have spent over 500 this year keeping her in business...

after all that.....

nothing back from her....

it is expected not to be paid back.

But to not hear from her in months....
never included in the things the girls do......
no response when I need help on something..........

yes, it hurts.....

and yes, I am sick of it.

But can I walk away?

She may be punishing me for saying NO when she asked me a
couple weeks ago to pay a 500 dollars phone bill? I just
did not have the funds for that. Although I have done it

so not responding to me could mean she does not have phone
service right now.....or it could mean she just wants me
to think that because I did not pay her bill, she has no

She gets on facebook though.....